A princess queen passes through…

Once upon a time, and place, in this project for a model of rural communications, there was  a real time (1947), and a real place, (Grootfontein farm, Colesberg district), where a real princess (Elizabeth), visited a real local family, (the Bailey family), in this as real rural area (Umsobomvu municipality).

That visitor princess, lived to near 100 years, mostly as Queen Elizabeth 11, also as a symbolic head of as renewed Commonwealth of Nations, to which our country has returned, and in which our sports folk also have now very recently excelled.

Here is a famous photograph of the late Queen Elizabeth 11, honoring our late leader Nelson Mandela, in a royal carriage, near Buckingham Palace, England, before thousands of well-wishers, in London, 1996.


(… for me also, she looks mighty pleased to be treated as a human being by another mighty human being).

Today, local creative writer, Phakamisa Mayaba, reminds me on WhatsApp that Mandela famously greeted her, with the words, ‘Aaah Elizabeth, how are you?”‘ In that voice of his, that must’ve been quite a moment’. 

Maeder Osler responds; “An equality of sorts even before equality of death – if that is so?🐱😃.

” Well apparently” says Phakamisa, ” her majesty was initially shocked not quite as much as her staff though. But she warmed up to the man’s charms. Can’t remember where I read that yarn but it’s funny in the book. Also Madiba’s visit to Lenin’s mausoleum. 


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