A tribute to Gingers Fault bandman Ginger Seipp

By Stanley Maeder Osler

MOLWENI … DAGSÊ … GREETINGS …  I met ‘Ginger’ Verlen Seipp later in my life, and (too briefly) share much music magic with him, before he sadly died this month … In such ways we are also reminded of how personally valuable are the lives, one is proud to share – and that means mostly all lives most people are proud to share. And, of course this heightens and intensifies all our mind times, in so many ways, as with this and many other projects. It seems often as much about catch-up, on times and places, as it seems about onwards in times and places. And, always, the better and the bests are about persons and participations, individuals and groups: mostly all of them.

Jamming on the stoep at Poplar Grove Farm.

My memory of Ginger is of a no-nonsense, talented, careful, humble, compassionate person, who looked clearly at living and at his dying. He was a tribute to his profession of accounting, and to SARS for many years. And what a privilege to be able to learn, practice and enjoy his worlds of music! He is survived by his two sons, Michael and Christopher; and his wife, Ruth. She continues to live positively, ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’.

Practice session before a gig by the Gingers Fault band.

Ginger was a skilled and passionate banjo and guitar player, and loved his encounters with music. The couple made the most of their late life move to the Western Cape from KwaZulu Natal, including many adventures through their beloved caravan, volunteering at Kirstenbosch gardens, and their church associations. One of Ginger’s final moves, although deeply ill, was to insist on travelling much further than he should have, to formally hand over his tasks of caravan group co-ordinator to successors.

A musical tribute

This obituary is also about some sounds of music, tones and chords he shared with some friends. Among other things, he has helped Toverview to feature music more strongly. My musician-labour lawyer-Karoo Zen brother Antony has recorded some double bass sounds in tribute to Ginger. They were wonderful harmonisers in the ‘Gingers Fault’ band. To play the clip, click here.

A Tribute by Julienne du Toit

Julienne du Toit has written a wonderful tribute to Ginger on the Karoo Space website. To go there, Click here

FEATURED IMAGE: The Gingers Fault band. From left to right are Chris Marais, Antony Osler, Ginger Seipp, and Maeder Osler. All pictures courtesy of Karoospace.co.za.

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