‘a project on a model for rural media'

EEPARKENI, or at Information Gateways, TThis Welcome to this project on a model for rural media. This is rolling out independently in rural areas, starting in the Umsobomvu local government area,  centred on Colesberg town and its networks. 

On top, is young Phakamisa Mayaba’s creative writing site, Eparkeni, from the heart of the largest residential area, Kuyasa.  

At the foundation is younthful Janco Piek’. His Colesberg information gateways, tracking the business core of the area.  

On the sunset side of the area is retiring Maeder Osler.  His Toverview featuring our yesterdays as they unfurl.  


You can also chose to reach all or any of our 3 main sites and their supporting links here at    


Toverview Logo origins

The logo speaks to Light, a feature of our place; and to Energy and New Dawn, features of our time. The sun in the centre also represents Clarity.

The logo design of the later Peter Westoby for a Colesberg Newsletter….

This is Maeder’s choice of logo sign for his Soundings the Rurals. The Toverview design was done with the late Peter and Annetta Westoby of Colesberg. Maeder says ‘The Westoby’s – like most of us, were immigrants into these areas. – They spoke with proud ‘working class’ northern England accents. Peter’s family were in business. Annetta’s family were gypsies on her mother’s side. The outgoing municipality contracted them to design the prominent entrance gateways to Colesberg. At the time it was clear this would be for the incoming democratic local governments. The entrances were the first gateways to the new South Africa (Designed by Peter, when he was a Johannesburg card-carrying ANC member before the movement was unbanned by FW de Klerk.)  The Westoby’s made many friends in all parts of the town. They brought to the Colesberg district their talents from work in West Africa in the settlements of Nigeria and Ghana as advertisers and designers, then in Johannesburg as advertisers, designers and photographers, before moving to Colesberg for health reasons. Here they collected and made artworks, jewellery and repairs for many people. They were a core unit of the community news journal Toverberg Indaba 1990-1997 and helped train numbers of local folk. 

 Peter said: When I die just sweep me out of the door into the street.  A small handful of local folk buried the couple alongside one another in the new local cemetery, where a farm worker fashioned them a modest memorial. Their valuable artworks are somewhere in the world.

The start of the Toverberg Indaba Archives

This month, 32 years ago the first edition of the community news journal the  Toverberg Indaba, we release the scanned copy of the first issue, covering Colesberg and district during a unique time in the history of our country. Edition 1 can be viewed on our site.  And, where there is news, there are background stories, as Maeder – as a co-editor – is recording HERE.

Please click the button below to start reading about what was happening in our small town 32 years ago. 


Eparkeni is local writer’s Phakamisa Mayaba where he hosts articles he writes and is one branch of the local media regeneration project. Click the link below to visit his website. 


Hanglip farm blog

The hanglip blog is run by Jasper Cook, for more info click the button below to visit the blog.


We are looking for local writers to join us!

Toverview needs to grow – responsibly, in learning, and with enjoyment –  by its participants, those involved as ‘citizen journalists’, urges Maeder Osler. 

He says ‘ this is HOW the site grows. Information needs to be available. We need to be able to reach information.  Around and about information are the people and conditions. We try to work co-operatively, carefully,  and together. Please join in this Toverview – and similar initiatives  – in shaping its work to last’.    

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