Thabo Mbeki’s friendly face!

Once upon a time, and place, some folk, including myself, might have claimed that former RSA president Thabo Mbeki, could appear not too friendly at times.  But this video clip shows otherwise – and endorses also a wonderful story on food production here at Hanglip farm, Colesberg. And,  for sure, there are many other examples, the former president could have given faces to. This is also why we chooses to launch our Toverview facebook page with the same video as here. Here indeed, is, and could further be a sustainable development path, at least in rural areas, wordwide – of local people, by local people, for local people.

‘Let’s try to keep local money here in our the local area’ , Colesberg entrepreneur Mbulelo Kafi, says. 

More than this, we have at least one good example here at Colesberg, around Charles Gevaza, and his Zimbabwean teacher and learners’ family, based at the area’s Hantam Community Education Trust (HCET).

Here is our picture reminder of Charles Gevaza (right) with local creative writer Phakamia Mayaba, from an earlier story.

Phakamisa Mayaba left with Charles Gavaza right


AND – proof in the eating  – here are three of Lesley Osler’s photographs of Charles Gevaza and family’s vegetable growings on Hanglip farm earlier this year. 

Other Rural readers intrested are welcome to contact either Charles Gevaza at the HCET 


Maeder Osler at Hanglip farm at or

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