ONCE UPON A TIME, AND PLACE, IN THIS PROJECT FOR A MODEL OF RURAL COMMUNICATIONS. we were well on the way towards the Forgotten Highway ancestral journey , when out of the blue, we were in the grips of great surprises even before a first step towards the 1000 steps ahead…

Surprises, we are  learning, are the essence of rural communications.

The forgotten Highway Project

This 1 000 km Route stretches from Tulbagh and Ceres in the south to Kuruman in the north  covering much of the Great Karoo. It is the route that was used by the !Xam, KhoeKhoe, Tswana, missionaries and explorers. From Kuruman, travellers would venture into central Africa.

Right Right, Steady Steady

The one immediate example is where we are right now, on the Forbidden Highway ancestral journey: today near and at  Sutherland. Then during this weekend towards Fraserburg.

And so, beyond, on the slow ways and by-ways, northwards in a middle of the country towards Griquatown.

A taste of the sounds and movements in the horses and wagon travel that these journeys are introduced by, can be gathered from the photographs, and the video material we are publishing here.

This is a first for us in our journalism adventures.

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