EParkeni – Phakamisa Mayaba’s creative writing unfolds


Once upon a time, and place, in this project for a model of rural communications; along came local Colesberg  creative writer, Phakamisa Mayaba, unfolding layers of fresh meanings in the lives and stories of  folk, everywhere …

Phakamisa Mayaba’s contributions to his independent website, EParkeni, celebrate a Spring growth in these rural parts.

His latest writings look at our rural media initiatives, at Heritage Day colours, at lives of  nomad gypsies, at care for animals, at risks of alcohol for pregnant mothers, and at a review of a John Coetzee story…  

“‘PM'”, as I like to call him, ” it makes one feel proud –  even  young again – to plead for folk everywhere to please,(humbly and critically), See, Read, Taste and Hear your contributors”.

“We hope more will join and contribute, as suits and fits, when and where they can try,  also to follow these times, and spaces”.

Here, and Now – as some ask ,’why do some sell watches, while others do watch cells?.’

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