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A photograph of part of receding night skies lights at Rogge Cloof –  near Sutherland  – shows other lights grounded at a windmill. F or many, this speaks of the mysteries of the cosmos, of light, of the soil and under-ground. For others, these speak to endless search for and exploration of travel and mobility, travail and technology, aspirations and arts; to enable people to enjoy living better lives in and with their environments…

Meanwhile, back from a ranch… Piet Coetzer, and travellers, as well as their wagon, and alongside their six black Vlaamse Perde, are making their ways days and nights, nights and days, this week from Senekal in the Free State towards the same Rogge Cloof in the Northern Cape: from where on Saturday morning between 7 and 7.30 am they will leave for the Market Day at the Louw house and museum in Sutherland…

So, ONCE UPON A TIME, AND PLACE, IN THIS PROJECT FOR A MODEL OF RURAL COMMUNICATIONS; we have opportunities to come face to face also with features of the very early pe0ple of our land in their and our followings of the night skies, as well as through their art engraving on rock surfaces, and our drives to find expressions in arts and in crafts.

* The Book Viewing & Sale is arranged for Friday October 21 at 5pm at STERRELAND, Sutherland. 

What better place, and time, for this book viewing and sale than the Karoo;  and here at Sutherland, with its world famous telescope and research, looking back in time, as does the abundant stone technology and art on the ground below and around – on different scales of place and time.

After the books and the market day, the ancestral journey moves towards Fraserburg in the weekend. This is expected to include a welcome at the Kliphuis  from 1 pm on October 24.

At the book sale and view, on this Friday at 5pm, researchers, authors and presenters of some of the books – world experts in their fields, Dr David Morris and Professor John Parkington – are due to speak at the book displays.

Here, are two covers of the variety of story-telling books, to view and to buy, or to save for.

All the while too, there are hard fought for discoveries to be made in our wide mixes and mixtures, over times and places, in our diversity journeys.

Here is a picture of a rock engraving at Hanglip farm, near Colesberg, seemingly far from where we are travelling now. 

Yet, this vivid TOVERVIEW media picture – is also part of where Neil Rusch has initiated and helped track ancestral journeys in stone, and in stories…

Works of art, and their meanings, are rarely easy-going instant discoveries. Some are indeed very very old and speak of images to discover and preserve: as in this faint mirror engraving, seemingly inside a rock, near the same site as the lion, eland and ostrich portrayed above. 

And, our various journeys and pictures and videos and sharings seem to be saying: move carefully, there is so much more to explore, to survive, to enjoy, and to and learn..





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