New chapter in life of Hanglip Farm

After farming on Hanglip Farm for almost 50 years, Maeder Osler has retired. As a result, this historic farm east of Colesberg is available for lease or purchase. Offers – including offers involving land land reform — are invited, to be submitted by 22 April 2024. The farm is currently subject to a two-year lease which expires on 28 February 2025.

Hanglip Farm is situated some 30 kilometres east of Colesberg on the Steynsburg road, and comprises 5 738 hectares. The Oorlogspoort Spruit, a tributary of the Gariep river drainage complex, runs through the farm and forms one of its borders. The spruit is contained and controlled by numerous large state-built weirs. There are 30 hectares of fallow land bordering on the spruit which is suitable for tillage.

The sustainable stocking rate is estimated at 360 to 400 large stock units or 2150 to 2460 small stock units on the whole farm. The current estimate for sheep breeding units is 1544 to 1820.

Among other things, Hanglip Farm is a founder of the Hantam Community Education Trust (HCET), an acclaimed rural education and development project which serves dwellers on 30 farms in a 50-kilometre radius in the surrounding district.

Offers to lease or purchase Hanglip Farm are invited. This includes offers involving land reform. Offers should be submitted to  Tertius van der Walt of GBG Accountants  and Consultants in Cradock by 12h00 on 22 April.

A process to evaluate the offers will begin on 8 May. This invitation has already been circulated within the local farming community, including organised agriculture.

Maeder will soon write at greater length about the dynamics surrounding the impending change in the life of this historic farm.

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