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 Once, upon a time, and place, in this project for a model of rural communications – 


One could say that this photograph is FROM, is BY, and is FOR, all of us: Income-Tax-and-Rates-and Vat tax payers!

The picture is a service of our praiseworthy local municipal UMSOBOMVU facebook. This social media platform carries selections of the week’s THUSONG ONE-STOP celebrations. One can see here, for example, aspects of how folk can move to create their own vegetable gardens. Participants were taken on the process from soil preparations. to seeds, to plantings – plants for tomorrows’ food harvests. This week, of official, and actual, Spring Season, as well as National Heritage festivals, in these rural parts; demonstrates potentials, in our multi-layered various ways, for investing in todays’ stocks and risks for the futures.

Water is a big need for such food invcstment; and hooray, today it is raining…!

ABOVE: Maeder Osler’s cellphone picture of some spinach plants, pictured this month in Kuyasa, Colesberg. Such foods are said to be at a top of a healthy vegetables food value. (He says, My mother used to insist I had to eat my vegetables, especially spinach. That way I could become muscular like Popeye the sailorman. Maybe even win the hand of beautiful Olive.  If you, like me, remain doubtful, try checking out the link below from  Medical News Today (unless you believe that is mere CIA).

The link is  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270609

ABOVE: Guess who were seen together this month, in this photograph of a pensive local creative writer, and a respected wise local leader?

BELOW: If you do eat your spinach you could know that Small can also be Beautiful. Here, is our light-and-shadow cellphone picture of a small spinach patch start, shared by local creative writer Phakamisa Mayaba, to suggest a way…

Comments to us included that growing food is not always easy. A healthy soil is needed. Water is essential. Work, and after hours work, is necessary. It can’t be a case of one-size-fits-all.

Rural town settlements are often warmer than rural farm settlements.  Seeds and plants could need to be planted at different times, to avoid frost damage.

Below is Lesley Osler’s picture of local educators Charles and Petronella Gevaza’s pumpkins greenery earlier this year.

Possibly, the THUSONG SERVICE WEEK ceremony this month, as notified in our Umsobomvu facebook here, can be one start to a harvest for more and more local people and trade this growing season…? 


Once upon a time, and place, in this project for a model of rural communication, …

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