Guest writer: Jasper Cook

MOLWENI…  DAGSÊ … and TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU, as my friend Jasper Cook likes to say …

We continue to be inspired by Jasper (‘Jazz’) Cook – multidimensional and kaleidoscopic, karoo-lover, train-lover, raconteur, musician and composer … Among many other things, Jasper was a member of the fabled African Jazz Pioneers, Nelson Mandela’s favourite band, which also played at his inauguration.

See if you can spot Jasper …

Jasper lived on Hanglip Farm for some time in recent years. He is currently living with his daughter in Johannesburg, but may return to Colesberg.

In the meantime, he still returns to Hanglip Farm from time to time to write on regenerative agriculture and a host of other issues, including the global Sustainable Development Goals. He is also working on a history of the African Jazz Pioneers.

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